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Independent midwifery services and training for midwives, birthworkers and parents

About Me



I am married to Simon and have had four beautiful children. I have three boys aged 27, 18 and 14. I also had a baby girl many years ago who died aged 9 days.

My family has now expanded to include a lovely daughter-in-law and beautiful granddaughter too. My own very varied experiences of giving birth and caring for my family have helped me to understand the huge significance, challenges and joys of pregnancy and birth.

I love being an independent midwife and though it is my profession,  I look on it as a beautiful part of my life as well as a job. In addition to midwifery, I have a passion for wild swimming and can often be found at the weekends dipping into a river or a lake. I enjoy reading of all kinds, fiction and non-fiction and have a very extensive home library including many books about birth which I am happy to lend to clients.

Our family home is somewhat chaotic with teenagers, cats, friends and family in and out. Think The Burrow from Harry Potter!

Nicky in Red

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