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Birthing with Grace – Birth Preparation Classes

Thank you very much for your interest in Birthing with Grace birth preparation (antenatal classes). I have a brand new website, so please hop over to – you can buy tickets direct from there. Many thanks!

Birthing with Grace

Preparation for Birth and New Parenthood with an experienced midwife

Do you dream of an undisturbed, gentle birth? Do you want the kindest possible start to life for your precious new baby? then you may be interested in this series of birth preparation classes.

Birthing with Grace classes use a creative approach to preparation for childbirth and the early days of parenting by an experienced independent midwife, Nicky Grace.

Nicky has been privileged to witness beautiful, gentle births many times since qualifying as a midwife in 2000, and can help you with the right preparation to turn this vision to reality.

Classes are taught in groups, but the needs of each woman and her partner are carefully considered meaning that each class will be different whilst always covering the essential information for parents-to-be.

Schedule of classes and how to book:


September/October series starts Friday 29th September 2017 then 6th October, 13th October,  20th October, and 27th October.

Buy tickets for the September/October series here:

If you have to miss a class, Nicky will run through what you missed on an individual basis and you’ll receive all the resources for every class.

It’s probably ideal to start the series of classes between 26 – 34 weeks of pregnancy, but a bit later or earlier is fine.

What happens in the classes?

PHYSIOLOGY A basic knowledge of the physiology of labour can be very useful in enabling you to understand this natural process, so these classes are great for people who like information.

We start by looking at the different stages of labour. While it is important to understand that different stages are really only labels, and each woman is different, the body always progresses from closed and holding the baby within, to opening and releasing the baby. We examine the role of hormones such as prostaglandins, oxytocin and endorphins and their effect on the surges (contractions) of the uterus, and how this helps the body to give birth. We look at how to promote oxytocin and endorphin flow for a more relaxed and easier labour.

ACTIVE BIRTH We look at a variety of different techniques that can be used to help you to have the optimal birth for you and your baby. We’ll explore different ways to help you manage the sensations of labour including using different positions for labour and birth; acupressure; deep relaxation and breathing techniques; yoga; hypnobirthing; water and waterbirth; TENS; aromatherapy and homeopathy plus techniques a partner can use such as loving touch massage, along with physical and emotional support. We’ll also look at pharmacological pain relief such as Entonox, opiates and epidurals and give you a realistic idea of the disadvantages and benefits of these.

TRANSITIONS Pregnancy is one of the most exciting and significant times in life. However, because it involves great change, it can feel daunting or even overwhelming, with a range of emotions from excitement and pure happiness to worry and fear. Birthing with Grace classes help each woman to draw on inner strengths, to respond, open, stretch beyond previous limits, until she emerges triumphant, with an amazing sense of having surpassed herself. And partners can learn how after the birth women are sensitive, requiring nurturing and love to enable them to open to their new and loving role as mother of the new baby.

CONNECTING WITH BABY We use beautiful meditations and relaxation to help you to deepen your connection with the baby in your womb. Those parents who practise this connection say that they become aware of the soul and unique personality of the child before it is born. The exercises will also help you deeply relax during labour so you can enter the primal birthing ‘zone’ which allows the oxytocin to flow so the birth is as smooth as possible.

You’ll be prepared for the time immediately after birth so you can give your baby the most gentle possible start to life; you’ll learn the importance of skin-to-skin contact and a baby-led approach to early breastfeeding and baby care. You’ll also receive plenty of resources to assist you in the transition to parenthood.

MANAGING CHALLENGES Sometimes the birth journey takes an unexpected turn and labour is longer or more complicated than expected. At your Birthing with Grace class you will be given tools for decision-making in unexpected circumstances, and learn what happens if help (such as a ventouse, forceps or caesarean) is needed.

BIRTH PLANNING Nicky will help you to make plan A (for natural undisturbed birth) and plan B (if help is needed) so that your choices are respected, and baby has a gentle start to life whatever the circumstances.

SECRET FACEBOOK GROUP All Birthing with Grace parents and birth partners gain access to an exclusive secret Facebook group for mutual support and access to information and support from Nicky.

Classes are held in comfortable surroundings, in a friendly and informal atmosphere so that people can make friends.

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