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Independent Midwifery Services

Update September 2017: Since January 2017 the NMC has prevented independent midwives from relying on the indemnity scheme provided by Independent Midwives UK (IMUK) for intrapartum care. Though I have attempted to source other indemnity, so far that has not been successful so as at September 2017 I’m booking clients for antenatal and postnatal care only. The NMC has been challenged on the legality of the decision and the Judicial Review is taking place in October 2017 and after that time I will hopefully be able to offer intrapartum care again. I’ve retained the full description of independent midwifery care (below) as it is possible to book for antenatal/postnatal care only with a view to adding intrapartum care when the indemnity situation is resolved. So please get in touch to discuss your requirements, whatever they are and I’ll work out a way I can help.

Full package of independent midwifery care

Antenatal care only 

Postnatal care only

Individual antenatal or postnatal appointments

Please scroll down the page for further information about each package. For the fees, please see the fees page.

General points to consider:

Prior to booking for the full package or antenatal and postnatal care I offer a telephone consultation and a home visit. Whether to book with an independent midwife is an important decision and I like to give you every opportunity to ensure that I am the right midwife for you. It is very important that you connect with your independent midwife, and if you find a different midwife suits you better then I completely respect that decision – I believe women should have their choice of midwife. Contact me to have a chat and perhaps make an apppointment – with no obligation.

I don’t offer a birth only package for several reasons. The main reason is that I believe that continuity of carer throughout pregnancy and birth really helps the mother to relax for the smoothest possible birth experience.

I always work in partnership with another independent midwife so that you have the confidence to know that if I’m unavailable for any reason you always have someone to call. Usually that will be my lovely midwifery partner Rachel Wardle from East Midlands Midwifery Practice.

Full package of independent midwifery care

One-to-one midwifery care throughout pregnancy, birth and the postnatal period.

Antenatal period

As a qualified, registered midwife I provide visits throughout the antenatal period to offer the normal screening checks to monitor your health such as blood pressure and urinalysis.

In addition to the standard checks, I love getting know each client as an individual. In fact, I think that’s what I enjoy most about my job. I have lots of experience with clients who have anxiety, or a previous trauma, or who simply wish to have their wishes respected. I also work closely with partners and with other children if wished so that the whole family feels involved and happy.

I look on the antenatal period as a chance for me to get to know you, and to help you to have the healthiest pregnancy possible. This involves an holistic approach where your thoughts and emotions are just as important as your physical health.

Each antenatal visit takes place in the client’s home at a mutually convenient time – I can do evening visits if this is necessary, for instance because of work of either the woman or her partner (or both).

The visits also aim to help you to maintain the best possible health in order to reduce your chances of developing either major or more minor complications of pregnancy.


My midwifery philosophy is that I believe each woman has the right to give birth in the way that is right for her and her baby. I work with each woman and her partner to work out what is best for her in her individual circumstances. I see birth as a very significant event in each woman’s and baby’s life with many aspects including biological, psychological, social, emotional and spiritual. Probably the most important thing any midwife can do is support a woman with care and sensitivity so that she is free to follow the cues of her body in labour. This encourages the complex interplay of hormones that mediate the birth process and also encourages active birth. Usually of course this means a very natural approach with the least possible intervention. Occasionally it may be wise to seek help from a consultant obstetrician or other health professional but this is never imposed on a client and all decisions are made in partnership.

I work mainly as a home birth midwife in which case I am primary midwife for any client who books with me. I usually work closely with my midwifery partner, Rachel Wardle, or with another IM depending on the geographical area.

If a client has a hospital birth I act as advocate and help to ensure that the birth plan is respected.

Whether for a home or hospital birth as a midwife I hold a space for a client to give birth in safety and as happily as possible.

Whether at home or hospital, I aim to provide the following midwifery care:

  • One-to-one care from a midwife with whom you have a relationship of trust
  • Good preparation for birth
  • Advice and assessment in early stages of labour
  • Constant gentle support in later stages of labour
  • Expert assistance for homebirth or hospital birth
  • Many years of experience in unobtrusive presence at birth including no routine vaginal exams
  • Belief in birth as a normal, non-medical event (unless complications arise)
  • Help for women to make informed choices themselves
  • Support for active birth and hypnosis techniques
  • Support for VBAC, vaginal breech birth, waterbirth
  • No early cord cutting or clamping
  • Support for cord tying, lotus birth or sacred cord burning if required
  • High level of professional training for emergencies
  • Safe, reliable, disposable equipment
  • On call from 37 weeks to whenever baby is born!

Postnatal care

I believe that the early hours, days and weeks following birth are some of the most significant in any new family’s life. I love supporting clients with feeding and baby care. I am on call for advice and assistance 24 hours a day for a full 28 days following the birth, so if you have any worries at all you can give me a call day or night and I can give advice or am happy to visit if necessary.

 Antenatal package (excludes any on-call or birth care)

This package may be appropriate for a client who is very happy with a planned hospital birth or who may be moving out of the area towards the end of pregnancy.  The visits will be as above, and I may be able to help liaise with the hospital to plan a good birth. It is important to note that if I book you for antenatal care only I will not be able to offer ANY support in labour at all, so do think carefully before choosing this option.

Postnatal package (includes 24 hour round the clock on call for advice and emergency visits)

This package may suit a client who is happy with their antenatal and birth care but finds that they would like more visits and more reassurance with baby feeding and care than standard care. I usually carry out 4 or 5 visits in the first 10 days, then move to weekly visiting until day 28, or longer if there are still issues. Clients tell me they find it really helpful to have someone they know on the end of the phone to call with what may seem like small issues. With many years of experience I can offer expertise and reassurance for these days of learning and growing into new parenthood.

Individual consultations

There are occasions when a woman is generally happy with her antenatal and postnatal care, but would like a visit from an independent midwife to help with a specific issue. Such issues might be a debriefing session regarding a previous birth, or postnatally a visit to address feeding issues.

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