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Home Birth – You Can Do It! for midwives, students, doulas and antenatal educators

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This course aims to bring together birth professionals who support women to have safe and joyful home births. It is suitable for midwives, student midwives and other birthkeepers such as doulas and antenatal educators.

Do you love the idea of home birth? do you understand the importance of oxytocin release and safe, physiological birth? Perhaps you are, or would like to be a confident, skilled home birth attendant or antenatal educator? Would you love to learn more about the research behind the benefits of home birth, and the practical skills to enable home birth? Then this is the course you’ve been waiting for.

My Masters research explored the phenomenon that women experience the sensations of labour differently (with less pain) and even the way labour progresses at home is often different to progress in the hospital setting. This study day is based on those research findings and the findings of the Birthplace study and other evidence both research and experiential. How can we assist women to prepare for labour at home? And if we’re attending home births, what is the best way to support women so that they are empowered and likely to have a smooth, beautiful physiological birth?

This course explores the differences between attending hospital/birth centre births and home births. It’s intended as really practical and experiential. Participants will come away with tools to add to their kit which relate realistically to the advantages and occasional drawbacks of home birth.

This day won’t be primarily about managing obstetric emergencies; instead we will focus on how to facilitate the kind of birth that helps to avoid the emergencies arising in the first place. We won’t be placing the emphasis on risk, or fear of litigation; instead we will be discussing a partnership model of care with the woman at the centre. There’s certainly some research evidence to support such a model in terms of outcomes – but there are also intangible benefits for women and their birth attendants which may be resistant to research, but which are equally valuable in terms of emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing. We will learn from each other in a safe, supportive environment.

The study day is suitable for midwives and others practising in a variety of settings including NHS, private and independent.

Nicky Grace is the main facilitator for the day. Nicky is an independent midwife who has attended home births since 2004. She has experience of working in hospital and community settings as an NHS midwife prior to becoming an independent midwife in 2006. She will be passing on what she has learned from all those experiences (mainly good, and some she would change with the benefit of hindsight) in a safe, supportive group setting. Nicky is a registered midwife with a Masters in Research Methods (Health). She is a warm and experienced group facilitator and teacher with a passion for ensuring that every participant is valued.

The venue is a beautiful arts and media centre in the Creative Quarter of Nottingham, and walking distance from the train and bus stations (about 20 minutes). The food is great. There is reasonable all-day parking nearby. Refreshments and a sandwich lunch are provided (please indicate any dietary requirements). Members of the group are also invited to come for post-course drinks and supper at one of Nottingham’s many excellent cafes/restaurants in the famous Hockley area (not included in course cost but we’ll go somewhere reasonable).

The notional CPD hours are 6 (and can be used for the purposes of face-to-face learning for NMC revalidation) but the benefits in terms of increased skills and confidence are limitless.

Ticket price: Standard £75.00 Student or low income: £49.00

Refund policy: If a ticket is purchased and the participant then finds they can’t attend for any reason, it’s fine to transfer your ticket to someone else (I understand that midwives can’t predict births and/or off-duty). Also, if the course is fully booked and there is a waiting list, the ticket can be transferred to someone on the waiting list and the original purchaser refunded. Every attempt will be made to facilitate refunds and transfers of tickets but no guarantee of refunds can be made.

Please read the terms and conditions here terms-and-conditions-14-february-2017 for more details.
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