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Midwifery: Record-keeping, Accountability and the Equip Model

Buy tickets for Midwifery: Record-keeping, accountability and the Equip model Next date 6th February 2017 at the Nottingham Hockey Centre, only a few minutes drive from J25 of the M1. All midwives welcome.

This study day brings you the expertise of a former Head of Midwifery and current LSA project lead midwife, Ann Kingscott, to help you to understand what changes are happening within midwifery supervision and how these changes affect YOU. We will also explore the importance of clear record-keeping to support your excellent midwifery practice. It’s hard to emphasise just how important good record-keeping is to support autonomous midwifery practice, and ensure any investigations have all the facts from which to draw the correct conclusions.

We are very fortunate to have Ann Kingscott from the West Midlands LSA joining us. Ann will provide information for registered midwives working in a variety of settings, particularly focusing on what is known about the new ‘A-Equip’ model which is to replace the system of statutory supervision for midwives. Midwives have long had a mainly positive relationship with Supervision and, more importantly, with their Supervisors of Midwives. Despite flaws in the old system, it worked to assist midwives with autonomous practice to support women’s choices. So we are asking during this study day – what is the A-Equip model? How will it work? How are the pilot sites faring? And how will it affect individual midwives in practice?

Even though there is much change happening, one thing that is very clear is that the NMC Code is staying (though the Midwives’ Rules and Standards are not) so we still need to have a good understanding of clear documentation to support our excellent midwifery practice. In addition to explaining what is known about the A-Equip model, we will provide opportunities in a supportive, workshop-style setting to explore issues in documentation. We will work with case studies from real life examples of how to document for women’s choice, and how to work towards a human rights model of midwifery rather than staying stuck within the medical negligence model. It doesn’t mean we ignore medical negligence issues! But we need to know how to practice supportively rather than defensively so that women feel supported and not coerced or abandoned if their choices (for instance) aren’t in line with NICE guidance. We’ll also specifically look at issues of documentation during critical incidents, and the vital importance of regular notes audit (you’ll be given a sample of an audit tool to use for yourself and in peer groups).


Nicky Grace is the facilitator for the day. Nicky is an independent midwife who qualified as a midwife in 2000 and has practised in the hospital, community and independent settings. She has a Masters degree in Research Methods (Health) and is an experienced group facilitator and teacher. She has a warm style of group facilitation which sees the contribution of every member of the group as valued, and is keen to promote safe spaces for midwives to connect and share together.

Ann Kingscott is our main speaker. Ann is an experienced LSA Project Midwife who has supported many midwives over the years as a Supervisor of Midwives. Ann was previously the Head of Midwifery and Child Health and Lead Midwife for Education Birmingham City University where she ran the Preparation of Supervisors of midwives programme.She is a highly experienced teacher of professional issues to do with investigations, record-keeping and accountability.

Rachel Wardle is an experienced independent midwife, and also works regularly as an NHS midwife at Trusts throughout the East Midlands. She is helping to co-ordinate the day and will co-facilitate the group work.


Tea and coffee are provided in the breaks. A simple but delicious sandwich lunch is provided. Please state dietary requirements when booking.

0900 – 0930
Registration with tea and coffee provided

0930 – 1000 Introduction
by Nicky Grace, facilitator for the day. Group introductions.

1000 – 1300 An introduction to the expected changes to Supervision for midwives, focusing on the A-Equip model by Ann Kingscott

Tea and coffee break

Case studies and small group work on how the A-Equip model will be used in practice

1300 – 1345 Lunch (A simple sandwich lunch is included. Please state dietary requirements on your ticket application)

1400 – 1545 Record-keeping and accountability

Ann Kingscott will lead with a presentation on the requirements of the NMC Code and how the Code relates to record-keeping. Nicky will then assist in facilitating a practice-based learning model using real-life case studies so we have the opportunity to practise record-keeping for various different scenarios. Scenarios include how to present choices to women so that they are empowered and don’t feel coerced when making choices, and we also look at documentation during that most challenging of situations – the critical incident.

1545 – 1600 Tea and coffee break

1600 – 1700 The importance of notes audit by Nicky Grace

This session pulls together the strands of the day to ensure you leave feeling confident to successfully document your autonomous midwifery practice. You will be provided with a sample audit tool, and have the opportunity to share the principles of notes audit in groups. Together we will explore how best to proceed with notes audit, and how this powerful tool can can help you to support women while ensuring that any investigation has all the facts so that the correct inferences can be drawn.

This study day is for all registered midwives, NHS, private or independent. So it will be a great opportunity to network with and share ideas with midwives from different backgrounds. We can learn from each other.

Continuing professional development hours: 6

Certificate provided for participants who complete the entire day.

All participants have the opportunity to register as members of the Grace Academy of Midwifery and Birth if they wish to benefit from ongoing support.

Please note that when you buy a ticket you will be automatically subscribed to a Grace Academy email list and will receive an email from Grace Academy over the next few days giving guidance about how to get the most out of the day. Your email will NEVER be shared with anyone else. You’ll be asked at the study day to confirm if you wish to carry on with this email subscription after the study day to receive updates about other Grace Academy events. You can unsubscribe at any time.

While every effort will be made to run the programme as advertised, unexpected issues can arise and Grace Academy reserves the right to change the programme or speakers at short notice while maintaining the essential learning points. We also reserve the right to cancel the programme in the event of insufficient numbers booking, or for any other reason. If the session is cancelled, participants will receive a full refund.

Cancellation and refund policy: Once the ticket is purchased there will be no refunds so please check your diary before you click that button! Tickets are exchangeable – let me know if you exchange a ticket. I will try to help you to exchange a ticket but can’t guarantee this.

Buy tickets for Midwifery: Record-keeping, accountability and the Equip model

Buy tickets for Midwifery: Record-keeping, accountability and the Equip model

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