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Training for midwives with the Grace Academy focuses on post-registration study days and courses. This means that mainly the courses are aimed at qualified midwives who need to enhance their skills for professional development and to hone clinical practice. Student midwives are welcome to attend for their own development but the courses are not accredited for pre-registration purposes.

The courses are facilitated by Academy director Nicky Grace, and taught by lecturers with the clinical skills, credibility and qualifications to provide the highest quality training. Each course comes complete with a certificate and can be used for NMC revalidation purposes. (See NMC website for details )

The courses are designed with both independent and NHS midwives in mind. All courses are suitable for adaptation to the requirements of either a private or NHS organisation and can be delivered on a bespoke basis for groups at a very reasonable cost. If you are interested in going on the mailing list to be notified about course dates, or you are an NHS midwifery manager wishing to commission a bespoke training day or course, please use the contact form below. Courses include:

MUMMIE course (Manage, Understand, Minimise Maternal Intrapartum Emergencies in out-of-hospital settings)

This in-depth two-day programme delivers evidence-based best practice for intrapartum emergencies in out-of-hospital settings. Where this programme is really different from any other is that it looks at how to facilitate undisturbed physiological birth so that we get fewer emergencies. Then we do some skills drills for the very rare occasions when an emergency comes along, and look at best practice for transfer which is THE critical time for any emergency in an out-of-hospital setting but is often not mentioned in training. The training is part-seminar, part-workshop so there is a mix of teaching styles to facilitate a dynamic and enjoyable day. Everyone has to do some skills drills but you won’t be made to do role-play unless you really want to! Certificate of Continuing Professional Development hours provided (approximately 12 hours of CPD).

Naomi, Richard, Bea and Jelly

Waterbirth in out-of-hospital settings

Waterbirth has become the norm rather than the exception in out-of-hospital settings. We need to look at the research evidence and national guidelines in order to practise safely and effectively. This course looks at issues such as infection control; back care for birth attendants; research evidence around water temperature; best practice for emergencies at pool births. There is a workshop element to the day so that students can bring their own problems and solutions to share. (6 hours CPD)

Midwifery: legal aspects of practice including record-keeping and the NMC Code.

Practice autonomous midwifery while maintaining excellent clinical records that demonstrate your effectiveness. (6 hours CPD)

Best practice for perineal care and suturing

How can we help mothers to minimise lacerations at birth? We look at research evidence and share our experiences.  This course will provide you with the skills to suture straightforward lacerations in out-of-hospital settings, and give you the insight to know when it is best to transfer for detailed evaluation and suturing of more complex lacerations. (6 hours CPD)

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